Used Equipment


Here is a list of lamps that are the most popular.  Other lamps are available.  Please inquire   about price and availability as our stock is constantly changing.  Please do not hesitate to ask if you do not see your particular lamp listed.

Industry Standard CODE DESC OSRAM Number Philips Number Peninsula Number
BLC 120V, 30W     BLC
BRL 12V, 50W 64610 7027 BRL-64610
CZX-DAB 120V, 500W     CZX
DLS 22V, 150W     DLS
DKM 21.5V, 250W     DKM
DNF 21V, 150W     DNF
DSW 24V, 200W     DSW
EFN 12V, 75W     EFN
EFP 12V, 100W 64627 6834 EFP
EFR 15V, 150W 64634 6423 EFR
EHJ 24V, 250W 64655 7748 EHJ
EJA 21V, 150W     EJA
EKE 21V, 150W     EKE
ELC 24V, 250W 64653 13163 ELC
ELS/ELR 18V, 50W     ELS
FCR 12V, 100W 64625 7023 FCR
FCS 24V, 150W 64640 7158 FCS
FDS/DZE 24V, 150W 64643 5974 FDS
FDT 12V, 100W 64628 5973 FDT
FHD/ESA 6V, 10W 64225 7387 64225
FHE-ESB 6V, 20W 64250 7388 64250
64425 12V, 20W 64425   64425
788 6V, 3.33A     788
1460 6V, 2.75A     1460
1630 6V, 2.75A     1630
1724 6.2V, 4.5A     1724
8017 6V, 4.5A     8017
8018 6V, 15W     8018
8C103-Oly. Brand 6V, 15W     8C103-Oly
8C103 6V, 15W     8C103
8G102 6V, 10W     8G102
15S11/102 CL     12/PACK 15S11
OQ77Z (38-01-77)       OQ77Z
S & Y 973-510 FL Ringlight     973-510
LEICA 31-31-30 FL Ringlight     31-31-30


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